Works Of Darkness: A Guide To Advanced Black Magick By E.A. Koetting – eBook

Works Of Darkness- A Guide To Advanced Black Magick By E.A. Koetting (

Release Date : 2007

Description : From the author of kingdoms of flame comes a new era of magick, and a new sinister guidebook to enter this realm. E.a. Koetting, having written for years under the pseudonym archaelus baron, has released himself from the necessity of anonymity, now emerging from the ashes of his immolated self with all knowledge and power unrestrained, unhidden, and unafraid. Works of darkness guides the student of the dark arts into the blackest rituals and through the darkest regions of the human psyche and through hell itself. The most ancient rituals and teachings from the dark halls of the ordo ascensum aetyrnalis are set forth here in detail and illustration. Included are the theories and rituals of necromancy, demonic evocation, divination, destructive magick, and more.

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