PS3 Brew Pro V2.31 – Android (APK File)

PS3 Brew Pro V2.31 (

Description :
– Do not update ps3 to official firmware 3.56 until further notice or you will loose the ability to jailbreak.
– To all you guys giving me 1 star because of 3.56+ not being jailbroken remember i dont hack the ps3 i just make this android app so until someone releases a 3.56+ jb to the public i cant help you.
– Hack your sony playstation 3 with a jailbreak or full custom firmware and install ps3 homebrew apps ftp server, file manager, and many more, emulators fceu , snes9x, genesisplus, and many more, games doom, breakoutx, and many more. with the hottest app to hit the market, ps3 brew pro.
– We have all the latest ps3 emulators. want to play that old game you have on nes, snes, gba, genesis, plus more on your ps3? no problem we got em. the ps3 is the most powerful system on the market so take full advantage of what you paid for with ps3 brew pro. we have almost 100 files for download currently.
– This app lets you jailbreak ps3, install custom firmware, and install homebrew on your ps3
– You can jailbreak your ps3 to enable homebrew from this app.
– Download the latest sony playstation 3 homebrew and cfw’s right to your sd card for easy installation to your ps3. keep up with the latest cfw’s, homebrew apps, games, and emulators from around the net. use phone as a usb device to install custom jailbroken firmware update and install homebrew to your sony playstation 3.
– Do you want more from your sony playstation 3 video game system? then jailbreak it with ps3 brew. we have all the latest cfw’s, homebrew video games, homebrew apps, and emulators.
– With the ftp server or awesome file manager you can transfer files to your sony playstation 3 game system.
– Sony did a great job on the playstation and now its ours. go playstation go.
– Some phones have issues downloading bigger files if they have low memory available. to get around this hit the back button as soon as the download starts and it will put it in the background you will be notified when its done.
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Download :

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