Math Reference v5.7 – Android (APK File)

Math Reference v5.7

Description :
– A math reference. useful for quick and easy access to the math formulas. a simple math reference. works offline. now with search feature.
– Useful for quick access to math concepts and formulas.
– Includes basic, advanced math and formula pack.
– Basic math covers arithmetic, algebra, geometry, & measurement.
– Advanced math covers trigonometry, derivatives, integration, statistics, series & sequences, conversions and probability.
– Please write to us. we would love to improve this app.
– App install by default on the sd card. if you are not able to update then

Option A
Move the application to the phone memory and update again.

Option B
1. Uninstall the app
2. Go to setting, sd card and storage and dismount the sd card.
3. Now go to setting, application, manage applications, open market and clear both cache and data.
4. Go and open market application. you will need to accept the license agreement again. just click accept. now search the application you have problem updating.
5. Install application. it should work!
6. Mount sd card again.

Whats New In This Version :
Added search feature in 5.7.

Download :

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